Europe’s 10 best family villas for 2016 by the Telegraph

The telegraph newspaper has selected Villa Nurtan as one of the top 10 best family villas to stay in 2016. According to the Telegraph “when booking a villa for a family with young children, you want a location that’s easy to get to, a house that is safe (bonus points if it supplies toddler clobber, so you won’t have to lug it through the airport) , somewhere to swim, and a bit of shade to protect young skin. For toddlers, you may wish to book a villa with a safety fence around the pool. As children get older, properties with multiple activities and plenty of safe outdoor playing space can buy parents time to relax”.

Of the top 10 family villas selected by the Telegraph, two are in Spain, two in Portugal, two in Italy, two in Greece and one in France. Villa Nurtan was the only Turkish villa that made the selection.

The Telegraph newspaper selects Villa Nurtan top Turkish villa holiday in 2015

This European accolade comes on top of the Telegraph’s selection of Villa Nurtan as the number one villa holiday in both 2015 and 2016.


New Selimiye Village Video Launched

My friend Carl Hyllander who lives in Bozburun has been very busy this year with his video drone business. Carl holds a private pilots licence so he fully understands how to get the best results from his drone. Carl has been flying in many of the villages recording rural Turkish life and also videos for tourism.

Carl has kindly allowed us to incorporate his video sequences into our village videos. So we have updated our introduction video of Selimiye with many of his aerial sequences. Selimiye is a popular destination for Turkish guests and is the next village down the Bozburun Peninsula from Orhaniye, home to our villas.

You can see our new video of Selimiye here:

Turkey offers best value for 2017 Summer Holidays

Following the referendum and Sterling’s subsequent slide against the dollar and Euro family holidays in 2017 are set to become much more expensive to buy and your pound will not go as far in Euroland as last year.

Whilst holidays in Euro destinations are set for big increases Turkey has emerged as the most value for money destination in 2017. Being outside the Euro the pound to Turkish Lira exchange rate has remained much more favourable that the pound to Euro exchange rate. Certainly the pound has weakened against the Turkish Lira, but only a margin rate, that is completely offset by the lower cost of living in Turkey.

If you are new to Turkey and are thinking of visiting Turkey is 2017 please consider the beautiful Bozburun Peninsula area. It is classed by the Government as a nature area so protected against tourist over development that has blighted many tourist destinations in Turkey.

If you are looking for the best quality villa holidays in unspoilt Turkey, please consider our villas. For new guests we have created a short video introducing the delights of the Bozburun Peninsula.

You can view the new video below.

New “Welcome to Bozburun Peninsula” video launched

We have just launched a new brief video introducing the Bozburun Peninsula, ready for the new 2016 season. It features a professional actress explaining to camera the attractions of visiting the unspoilt Bozburun Peninsula and staying in our luxurious villas.

We produced Stephanie’s material set against a green background so we could replace the background with the latest footage taken this season from a drone and also a fishing boat in Orhaniye bay.

We wanted the video to concisely introduce our villas and explain what makes them different from the rest. She also gives the video users feedback from our guests about what they like about our villas and what particular features they enjoy.

You can view the new video below. Alternatively you can download your own copy here:

Download video

Luxury Villas in Turkey launches Android Mobile App

Following feedback from our customers that mobile coverage is now essential to keep in contact with them we have developed a Luxury Villas in Turkey mobile app for Android mobile devices.

Mobile App Screenshot

The app enables Android-powered mobile users to easily check the availability of the villas and contact us with enquiries about the villas and the Bozburun Peninsula. There is a “push to talk” button that automatically lets users connect to us via our main contact telephone number. You will also find a gallery of pictures featuring our villas with private eco-friendly pools.

There is a page dedicated to Social Media. Here you can connect to us via Facebook or twitter. You can also see our latest published videos on our Vimeo and Youtube channels.

There is also an extras area that we hope will be useful for our guests. Here you will find a QR code scanner, Barcode scanner and Length convertor.

The new Luxury Villas in Turkey app is available now to download free from Google Play. You can either find it by searching on “Luxury villas in Turkey” or Download the Luxury Villas in Turkey app to download the app from Google Play.

We are also working on an IOS mobile app for the iPhone market. We will announce this when it is available for free download from iTunes. Please contact us if you have any questions on how to install this app on your mobile phone or tablet.




The BBC uses our Istanbul video in Simon Calder’s “Destination Guide”

The BBC approached us to see if they could use parts of our ‘Istanbul Public Transport’ video in an upcoming “Destination Guides” feature presented by the famous travel journalist Simon Calder.

These are three minute packages that show off top destinations all over the world, and how to save money in these places. So for example, in its guide to Bangkok, Simon talks about how fantastic street food is and how you mustn’t be wary of it – give it a go! He also looks at how to stay safe in the city and what to watch out for.

The packages will also be a standalone feature in the BBC1 TV programme “Rip Off Britain”, but have their own opening sequence “Destination Guides”.

To view our original video about getting around Istanbul please click the video image below.

New boardwalk for Orhaniye Bay

Cem Dinc, our new dynamic mayor has made sweeping changes to make Orhaniye more attractive to guests. He has installed a bay boardwalk reaching all the way from Marti Marina to the Kizkumu beach. More beachfront restaurants have now opened up along this walkway offering a wider choice of food from traditional Turkish to International cuisine.

orhaniye 2015 -8

The cafe at Kizkumu beach and all the rather unsightly jetties have been removed, leaving the area completely natural. All this work is part of the initiative as the bay has been proposed by the Turkish Government as a World Heritage Site.

Over the coming period the Mayor wants to add street lights and make this boardwalk as famous as the one created in nearby Selimiye.

If you visit Orhaniye please make enough time to walk along this new boardwalk. It offers wonderful views over a pristine bay with no ugly developments spoiling the views. You can part your car at the Kizkumu or Marti Mrina ends of the walkway.

Please contact us for more photos of the boardway.



Telegraph newspaper selects Villa Nurtan top Turkish villa holiday in 2015

The Telegraph newspaper has selected Villa Nurtan as its number one villa holiday in its recent travel feature “The top 10 villa holidays in Turkey 2015.” Selecting Villa Nurtan as the top villa destination in 2015 it describes Villa Nurtan as “The attractive stone-built Villa Nurtan, set on the edge of a friendly hamlet on the north shore of the peninsula, sleeps six, is set in beautiful landscaped gardens and has an eco-friendly pool.”

The Telegraph newspaper selects Villa Nurtan top Turkish villa holiday in 2015To view the complete Telegraph travel article please click here. Please contact us or call us on 0203 005 2749 if you want to discuss your holiday villa requirements for 2015. Please browse the website to see for yourself the high quality of our villas and our sustainable approach to Turkish tourism that so impressed the Telegraph.



Appeciating the value of water…

When living in the UK we get used to a reliable and clean water supply supply, but in Orhaniye life is very different. All the villages along the Bozburun Peninsula have erratic water supplies, especially villages like Selimiye, where construction of many illegal houses and historically bad supply means that often there is no water available during the day in the summer, so is transported to houses by water trucks.

To protect our guests in Orhaniye against this infrastructure we have invested in our own water wells and private water distribution system. The final element of our water infrastructure was improving the Marmaris water supply to Villa Nurtan. So after the last guests left Villa Nurtan we started a big project that required us to dig up nearly 200m of lanes in order to lay a new large bore water pipe from Villa Nurtan to directly connect with the main water pipe feeding Kecibuku, our part of Orhaniye.

Building new water mains supply

As you can see from the picture it was a major project involving hiring a JCB, driver and team for three days to complete all the earthwork and plumbing. Now we have a new mains water supply that is safely buried beneath rock running up the middle of the lane, so no chance of getting damaged by cars.

To complete the improvements in Villa Nurtan we have also installed two electronic de-scaling systems as the water in very hard. Now in each villa we have 7000 litres of backup water, industrial water softening unit, with the two electronic cleaning systems and minimum of four filters, with industrial water compressor.

All these features ensure our guests happily take showers anytime and never run out of water, regardless of what is happening to the public water supply on the Bozburun Peninsula.

After installing all this technology in the villas to provide a reliable water supply we never take water for granted now. When you next open a tap I hope this gives you some insight into what your water company has invested in to protect us, and keep the water running.




A trip to Göreme, Cappadocia

If you are thinking of taking in Istanbul either on your way to the Bozburun Peninsula, or on the way back, you should consider going via Göreme in Cappadocia.

You can either fly to Göreme via Istanbul, or alternatively take the convenient overnight bus directly from Marmaris. If you are interested in this option please contact us for more details. We travelled overnight and were pleasantly surprised at the quality of the coaches and services offered.

You can easily cover Göreme in 2 days so you can stay in Göreme on your way to Istanbul, and then fly home from Istanbul. Turkish Airlines and Pegasus both regularly from Göreme, with reasonable fares.

If you visit you have to take a balloon ride to experience the fantastic scenery. Every morning you will see up to 100 balloons gently floating over Göreme. There is a sunrise observation area on top of a local hill that is well worth the effort of getting up early.

The balloons are carefully controlled, flown by experienced pilots over controlled airspace. For an introduction to what to expect if you take a balloon ride in Göreme, Cappadocia, please see the video below.